Innovation: The Missing Link

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This book is written by a surgeon who was also an innovator of medical devices and new surgical treatments talking about his battles with the government bureaucracy, known as the FDA.

If America is going to improve the job situation and the unemployment rate here in our country, we will have to change the direction we have been going over the past 50 years. Our overzealous regulatory atmosphere is Stopping Innovation Stops AmericaTM. We will never retain leadership in the world without allowing the freedom which our Founding Fathers argued and fought for.

Prior to WWII, people in America were free to innovate most anything, at their own expense, without Big Brother breathing down their necks. The hope of establishing a product or an idea, which might bring forth an income, was usually enough motivation to encourage a person to move forward in the hopes of receiving some remuneration and allowing for a product to gain a place in society for the benefit of mankind.

The time lapse from the idea to the fully developed product can be a variable, but in today’s culture in America, if that innovation involves some medical device or drug, it can go from perhaps 5 years to decades. The delay in bringing  forth some needed medical or surgical remedy oftentimes robs some needy patient from getting the care which he or she needs at that moment.  Just as importantly, it often prevents an entrepreneur or innovator from being able to even get started because of the enormous costs of regulation.

Innovation: The Missing Link has been written to help resolve today’s adversarial positions between David, the small business man entrepreneur, and Goliath, the Federal government. The key to a prosperous America is to resolve our differences, remove the bureaucratic handcuffs, and restore the entrepreneurial freedom enjoyed by the Founding Fathers of America.