FDA, you were WRONG!

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Stopping Innovation Stops America™

by Dr. Bob Christensen and Lynn M. Watwood Jr., Esq.

with Contributions from literature by

Larry R. Pilot, Esq. and Dr. Charles A. Homsy

The bottom line in my opinion is that the Christensen hemi-TM joint arthroplasty is the answer to 95% of the patients who have osteoarthritis and need surgery. Dr. Christensen, I know you knew this 50+ years ago.”

- E.E. Keller, D.D.S., M.S.D., July 8, 2012
Director, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

“Here we thought the FDA was supposed to protect the public’s health, but your experience almost proves the opposite!”

- Crayton Walker, M.D., D.D.S., July 12, 2012
Salt Lake City, UT

“The FDA subjected TMJI to an approval process that far exceeded the standards that rival companies were held to.  On top of that, their devices were being reviewed by unqualified reviewers such as a periodontist, an epidemiologist, etc., who had no expertise as regards TMJ surgery of any kind. This is America, how could this happen?

- Ricardo Alexander, D.D.S., March 7, 2012
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Huntington, Long Isand, New York

Dr. Christensen has presented a horrendous report on the FDA misapplication of its regulatory authority and worse.  The public needs to heed his clarion call for corrective pressure by Congressional oversight by the FDA.”

Charles Homsy, Sc.D., Lead Scientist
Denver, CO

“In a world where strategy life cycles are shrinking, innovation is the only way a company can renew its lease on success. It’s also the only way it can survive in a world of bare-knuckle competition.”

- Gary Hamel, Harvard Business Review, 2007

Stopping Innovation Stops America­™— Dr. Christensen’s Story

Condoleeza Rice, former Secretary of State, writes that “America’s greatest strengths stem from the freedom to innovate, create, compete and succeed.”  This reality is hitting home with Americans harder than ever before, with China looming as the world’s next great economic power.  Innovation — especially from small business owners —is what has built America and made it great.  If we lose our innovation edge, we will be overrun like a freight train.

But innovation doesn’t end with a booming economy — innovation is personal.  Innovative medical devices and procedures, from stem cell research to orthopedic implants, can and do save –and change — lives.  For the eight year old boy who couldn’t walk and the twelve year old girl that couldn’t talk…innovation is literally a lifesaver.  And thanks to the ever-expanding role and malpractice of big government, innovation in America is in danger — as is America’s future health.  Dr. Christensen has written two books that tell the same story of how thd FDA is stifling innovation in America, one highly-detailed version aimed at medical professionals — FDA, you were WRONG! — and one written for the everyday consumer — David Vs. Goliath, Round 2.

Dr. Bob Christensen has been in hand-to-hand combat with the FDA over most of the past decade as a medical device entrepreneur.  Recognized as one of America’s most brilliant oral and maxillofacial surgeons by the Mayo Clinic medical staff, Dr. Christensen is on a personal  crusade to stop big government from stifling innovation and thereby damaging the future of America.  Today, perhaps more than ever, it’s time to be innovative — or be gone.